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Ray Wenham



Ray grew up in New Zealand and was around musicians from a very young age. His Dad had a huge collection of jazz, funk, rock and soul vinyl records....his Dad's musician friends would hang out, jam and teach a young Ray how to listen and play. 

Ray learnt drumming as a kid and played drums in 2 bands in his early 20's. Later he learned guitar and played at open mics and with friends. He moved to Utah in 2000 on a work visa to teach skiing and has been here ever since. 

He lives in Springville, UT. with his wife, 3 kids and 2 cats and makes a living painting houses

(not from singing in a rock band!)


Nelly Newman



Nelly came out of the womb singing! Her passion for music and gift for singing both lead and harmony is an integral part of Monkey Friday's sound. She has actively sung in choirs since childhood, but Nelly's true musical passion is 90s grunge. "There is so much passion in that era of rock. Chris Cornell is my vocal idol...but I also shamelessly love the Red Hot Chili Peppers. it's an everlasting funk-rock love!"

Nelly currently works for eBay and previously worked in bakery management. She still takes the occasional cake order from home. Currently she lives in Lehi, UT. with her "freaking incredible" husband, 3 kids and 3 bonus kids. 

Brandan Beerli



Brandan started playing guitar in jr. high school when he got introduced to Led Zeppelin. He started playing bass in band with a few friends in high school. He played bass and electric guitar in a handful of bands over the past 30+ years. His biggest Inspirations are Rush, the Beatles, Parliament, and Johnny Cash.
He has been an educator for 20 years. Currently he is the director of advisement for the McKay School of Education at BYU.
He grew up in illinois, went to college in Utah, taught high school in Illinois, and is now living in Springville for the past 10 years.
He and his wife Jamie have been married for 25 years. They have 3 adult kids and a dog.


Bill O'Donnell



Bill started his music adventure at seven years old when he fell in love with drums after watching a Buddy Rich drum solo on T.V.

His background in playing jazz standards and concert ensemble created a good foundation for playing Rock, funk and soul grooves. 

When home studio technology became available, he couldn’t wait to dive into engineering, producing, and recording.

Bill also plays guitar, bass, keyboards and harmonica. 

He and his wife moved to Utah in 2017 and they enjoy camping with their rescue dogs.


Aaron Lee


Aaron claims to be the only Hawaiian-born Asian to play in a country band in Idaho. At the age of 7, his mother made him learn the piano only to make him quit after getting tired of asking him to practice.

He has been playing guitar since he was 13 and has been in various bands since high school. His musical influences range from rock to country to hip-hop. 
Aaron works in marketing at a software company and currently lives in Provo, UT with his daughter and high-maintenance dog. 


Jeff Ojeda


Jeff is an accomplished keyboard player, classically trained with a background in composition. He started playing at a young age. His awesome sampling and programming skills are indispensable to our sound. Originally from LA, Jeff now lives in Orem and works for the Utah State Board of Education. 

Daniel Cabral



Hailing from Brazil, music has been a foundational part of Dan's life for as long as he can remember. Being an only child with working parents, his closest friends became the vinyl records of Jazz and R&B left by a divorced aunt. Playing guitar since age 9, Dan has played in jazz bands, metal bands and everything in between. "I love all sorts of music through and through"

Now living in Sandy with his wife and 2 kids, Dan enjoys trail running and crossfit. Although he loves Utah, he does miss the surfing back home.

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